Exercise thirty minutes a day. That’s how you do that

Exercise thirty minutes a day. That’s how you do that

In fact we all know it. Regular exercise is good for your body and mind. But not everyone is equally sporty or simply does not know how to get exercise for half an hour a day. In this blog a number of tips and practical explanation.

How long in succession to move?

The 30-minute rule means moderate intensive exercise once a day for 30 minutes. So for example not in the morning and in the evening fifteen minutes. In addition, every move is better than doing nothing.

Tips for moving more

  • Take a walk during the lunch break. Go for a walk with colleagues or alone. You can also clear your head completely and start the afternoon fresh. Walk well.
  • Get some fresh air in the evening after dinner and take a walk with your partner or girlfriend. You can catch up with each other immediately
  • Cleaning your house, working in the garden or washing the car. That too is moving
  • Do not hang out in the pub, but take your feet off the floor. 
  • Leave your car and take the bicycle more often or go on foot. Do not bring/bring your children by car from/to school and get your groceries by bike
  • It is better to approach colleagues at work instead of calling or emailing

You see that it is really not difficult to incorporate some exercise into your daily activities, as long as you are aware of it. Not every movement has to last 30 minutes.
Are you still insufficiently motivated to actually start with it? Maybe the following tips will help you a little:

  • If you exercise insufficiently, chances are that you will arrive. Consider what that will look like. And remember that there is a good chance that this image can become a reality if you do not move sufficiently
  • Find someone with whom you will move together. That can be a girlfriend, your partner, the neighbor or maybe even your child. It is more fun and you can motivate each other
  • Make a plan. Agree with yourself on which days of the week you will do something. Put these appointments in your agenda so that you also take the time

Exercise and digestion

The more you move, the easier it is to maintain your weight. Exercise is therefore good for heart and blood vessels, but it has even more health benefits because exercise improves digestion; you go to the toilet easier and you have fewer problems with blockages, it prevents bone loss and has a beneficial effect on diabetes.

Why is exercise 30 minutes a day so good?

Exercise is good for body and mind. You usually do it without thinking. You cycle to work, walk through the city or do odd jobs. As you move, worries and tensions disappear into the background. You sleep better and get up fitter in the morning. Adequate exercise keeps the heart and blood vessels in good condition and lowers blood pressure. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and a stroke. An increased cholesterol level can lead to narrowing in the arteries. Good exercise increases good cholesterol. That is good for the blood vessels. Someone who moves generally feels fitter, more energetic and healthier. And those who exercise a lot will not easily get too fat and are generally less worried. You just live a lot nicer!

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